ÉDUCAPLUS: Remedial teaching & coaching services


The services pédagogiques ÉducaPlus is an agency who has for a mission to give back confidence to students, enhance their self-esteem and make them discover their own potential and also, to give them the motivation to learn and push their limits. Founded in 2012 by Ms. Claude Khalil who directs the agency since and who already worked with our partner, SPAÉ since 2006 as pedagogical director, Éducaplus offers its services throughout the province of Québec. The agency is a multi service counter that directs you to the appropriate resource according to your needs.



Our agency agency is dedicated to all French speaking schools with more than 100 professionals.

We are established in most of the main big cities of the province,from Gatineau to Quebec City and from the Laurentians to Sherbrooke, with a major presence in the Laval, Montréal and Longueuil area. ÉducaPlus can refer you a professional offering private session that comes to your home, to the library if you prefer. Feel free to contact us to verify availabilities in your area. However, if we do not offer a professional in your area, you can always try the online service. A 100% interactive high quality online service with well trained and experienced online professionals to assist you and offer you the tools that you need.

ÉducaPlus offers at home or online sessions with specialized teachers for either an evaluation or an intervention with elementary and secondary level students with learning disabilities. We also offer individual and family coaching for both parents and children in order to assist them and give them tools in how to intervene with their children by guiding them in a parent/child intervention in order to have a better relationships and better communication between all members of the family.

For more information on regular tutoring services, please visit the SPAÉ web site. You don’t have to choose one service over the other. Our services are complementary so our common Customer service team will assist and refer you the right resources.

At ÉducaPlus, our priority is to bring each child to their full potential!

Remedial teachers specialize in learning disabilities after an evaluation or a neuropsychological diagnosis. Their mission is to prevent, identify and fix problems in the field of spoken and written language, logical-mathematical reasoning and psychomotor development. They assist and advise the class teacher or tutor in their teaching methods when it comes to students having learning difficulties. We will assess your needs and refer an ÉducaPlus specialist if required.

All of our remedial teachers have a bachelor degree and/or a Masters in specialized teaching, are UpToDate, they learned from experiences and adapt accordingly, applying new knowledge and skills. They work with every participant in the student academic life (parents, teachers and other professionals) to work towards their success. On another note, all ÉducaPlus coaches have their training in schools that are Québec recognized including CQPNL, IDCom and  Nancy Doyon training school.

It takes a deep passion to work directly students having learning disabilities or behavior disorders. All of our professionals have that desire and that need to help and share their expertise with students. At ÉducaPlus, our team share the same values and a vision of excellence when it comes to the specialized services we offer.

Our commitment to develop our clients’ potential for the young and the older ones is based on self-esteem, motivation, effort, initiative, team spirit, determination, great autonomy and a sense of responsibility.  ÉducaPlus is founded on motivating students and giving them the possibility of deepening their knowledge and their skills.

We support demotivated parents having children with learning disabilities or behavior disorders. Our teachers can assess and help establish an action plan addressing specific needs. We offer evaluation and a long term follow-up among the multidisciplinary services available.