June 2018

Summer tutoring service at home or online with a specialized and dedicated teacher, always tailor-made, according to your needs and objectives:

  • Revision of the school program, at the elementary and secondary levels, for an effective catching up of the misunderstood notions facilitating the return to class in September.
  • A certificate of studies for the school is available;
  • Catch-up for students in a situation of failure or having a lot of difficulties in order to promote success at the beginning of the school year;
  • Improvement for students seeking the best grades possible to increase their average or to allow access to restricted programs in high school or CEGEP.

June 2018

Customized preparation for exams retake at the end of July for all subjects in high school with intensive, but flexible schedule according to your availability, constraints or holidays. Home or online classes with a specialized and dedicated teacher. Faster and more effective than summer class groups!

  • Resumption of mathematics examination in high school (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th year) according to the school’s procedures.
  • Support for the preparation of MELS exams in Secondary IV: Mathematics (all 3 levels), History, Science & Technology
  • Help with the preparation of MELS exams in Secondary V: French and English.

June 2018

Preparatory courses to help with private school admission exams in fall 2018 for Grade 6 students. Most exams for the 2019-2020 back to school will be held from the end of September to mid-October 2018. We recommend starting the preparation as early as the end of July.

A customized, flexible tutoring (according to your availability and needs of the student) which allows revision of 5th grade math and French notions. Our tutors also ensure that the child is well prepared to succeed the general knowledge component and logic, deduction and reasoning questions often present in these admission exams. For students attending French-speaking schools only.