Our agency is dedicated to all French-speaking students with more than 100 professionals.

The Main role of the specialized teacher is to intervene when a student who encounters one or different learning disabilities, difficulties in reading/writing and in mathematics that are present even when the teacher explains in the classroom.  

This special service is intended to students with learning disabilities such as the DYS, these disabilities are dyslexia, dysphasia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and to students with a diagnosis of ADHD.

When you have a neuropsychological evaluation with a detailed report, the remedial teacher will apply the stipulated recommendations by the psychologist.  In the case that no evaluation was done, the specialized teacher will create an individualized education plan adapted to the student’s needs, will apply specific measures and evaluated the student’s progress.  This will allow the student to identify his main strengths and weaknesses hence a direct positive effect on his or her self-esteem and motivation.

The main focus of a specialized teacher’s interventions is to help students progress with their academic learning. His responsibility is to give tools to every party implicated in the child’s learning, teachers, parents… He/She uses appropriate to develop abilities and skills necessary to the student’s success and to fill their knowledge gaps.

We can even offer a combination of services, a regular tutor with a specialized teacher to give them tool and strategies at the root of the problem and to apply the methods learned.


  • Benefits form a motivation based on success
  • Gains his/her confidence and better self-esteem
  • Aspires to better academic results
  • Develops a better learning autonomy and more concentration

ÉducaPlus also offers online sessions with specialized teachers for either an evaluation or an intervention with elementary and secondary level students with learning disabilities. They are professionals offering a high-quality service with a direct access from anywhere in Québec, no matter where you live. This will allow you to have a specialized learning teacher according to your child’s needs without any traveling nor availability restrictions. The quality of the online service has worked very well and made it’s mark since 2014.


Our rates are decreasing, based on the duration of the course making a 90 or 120 minutes even more affordable.

2018-2019 (at home or at the library)

Price per course, payable during each course

Specialized Teaching Rates
  On Site Online
60 min. 75$ 70$
90 min. 105$ 100$
120 min. 132$ 125$
Evaluation Rates
On Site Report Drafting
75$ per hour 65$ per hour


You benefit from a simple and straightforward approach: no contract to sign, no commitment. You don’t pay anything in advance, you only pay to the tutor after each class and you can stop at any time. You decide the frequency and the length of each course. You also have the ability to change tutor at any time if the one we have assigned to you does not meet your expectations for any reason. Our tutors can also provide lessons for 2 or 3 students making it possible for parents to share the cost of a session, thus, even more affordable.


The courses are payable in cash or by INTERAC transfer to the teacher himself during each course. There is no contract to sign, no commitment, you can end the courses at 24 hours’ notice. It is up to the teacher to accept or not the payment by check. To avoid any problem of payment, we recommend to all our tutors to be paid at the beginning of the course according to the duration you have chosen.


The tutor can issue a receipt if you wish. Be aware, however, that tutoring and / or private courses, by default, are not tax deductible, either federally or provincially. There are, however, situations where these courses can be! Among other things, in the context of sports / cultural activities for a minor with a course per week for at least 8 consecutive weeks of the same subject/activity. Another specific case is a minor with a medical diagnosis attesting to a learning disability. However, despite a medical prescription, you must validate your eligibility to Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency.

GROUPING: even more savings!

A specialized teaher can divide his time between two or three students, from the same family or with neighbors at no additional cost. It will be necessary, however, that students will be taken one after the other, as needed. You organize the pairing, you make sure of the common availability of the students, the place of course and the sharing of the costs with the other parents. This will save you a lot of money.

Semi-private classes are generally longer; 30 min. per additional student to meet the specific needs of each. You pay for the total duration of the session and not per student. The tutor will judge the relevance of pairing so as not to compromise the quality of a course.


When you wish to cancel or postpone a course, you must notify the professional at least 24 hours in advance otherwise an amount of $ 25 will be required at the next class.


For any Educaplus service, a 25$ fee is payable during the first course of the school year.

This annual subscription allows you to take advantage of agency services, research, promotions and discounts for up to 3 students registered in your account. Payable once and valid throughout the school year, from September 1st to August 31st. Registrations made between July 1st and August 31st are also valid during the following school year.

The subscription is paid directly to the professional at the same time as the course itself according to the chosen duration.

Your orthopedagogue/coach will refund you this fee during the 11th class with a discount of 25$ on the price of the course.