SPAÉ offers academic support to students of all ages, from Preschool to College in most of Québec’s regions, especially in the greater Montreal, Gatineau, Québec city and Sherbrooke area with Onsite tutoring.

We also offer a large selection of courses with tutors available Online offering the same customized course by using audio, video and a computer that becomes an interactive whiteboard. Help from a teacher never been so accessible, flexible and cost efficient. This service is available everywhere without any geographical constraints.

Based on your availabilities (late afternoons, evenings or during the Week-Ends) and the specific needs or goals of each student, we select the right tutor for each student. The service is flexible: no contract and no obligation. You choose the frequency and lenght of each course, with the possibility of holding or ending the service at any time. We use the student’s school material to make sure the tutor is perfectly in tune with the teacher/school/program of your child. Most of our tutors are teachers and they all have a specific university degree making them specialized in the subject they support. Competence and experience is key but the human touch is what makes the difference… More than 27 years helping students succeed in school, we manage over 400 tutors keeping only the best based on your satisfaction, year after year!

We help students attending francophone and bilingual schools. But, in some cases, we can also provide English speaking teachers in some parts of Montreal for Anglophone students. We also offer French courses as a second language for all English speaking students.

SPAÉ provides services like:

  • Advanced training courses in all major subjects like Mathematics, French, English, Science, etc.
  • Specialized remedial services for children with specific learning disabilities (in French only)
  • Preparation classes for private school admission exams (in French only)
  • Support for adult students taking correspondence courses 
  • Support for adults that are returning to school after a long leave
  • Summer classes (program review or for perfecting a subject)
  • Summer exam-retake preparation (in French only)
  • Methodology and time management workshop for students of secondary and high school levels

Our services are flexible and without any commitment over length, duration or number of courses. It’s also up to the parent to decide the goals: for some, 62% will be a victory after a huge failure, for others, less then 85% is a big disappointment. We work with your constraints in the best interest of the student.

We also assist students from all public schools with their studying and exam preparation needs. In fact, the majority of the students we help each year are attending a neighborhood school or a public high school. By using each student’s class material, our tutors offers a tailored teaching regardless of the school’s specific approach or level.

SPAÉ offers tutoring for students in:


We help preschool children to prepare for school environments as soon as the age of four. The tutor will reinforce the child’s development with an introduction to the alphabet, numbers, concepts like bigger/smaller, before/after, adding and subtracting, color identification, identification of geometric shapes, etc…


We assist elementary school students with homework and much more! Our tutors are very at ease with the MELS’s program. They will make sure that their homework are well understood, that all concepts learned in class are well integrated and that the student is ready for next week’s schedule.

Tutors work mainly on reading, writing, numeracy (4 operations), the expression in correct French, English, text comprehension and vocabulary.

High school

High school students receive help of a tutor according to the subject and level required. Most common subjects are Mathematics, French, Science, English, History and many more. We do not only offer homework assistance, our tutors make sure that concepts are well understood and that students will be able to become as autonomous as they should be. We are working towards the next exam as well as a global understanding, meaning we often go back in previous programs to explain lagging notions.


The most requested CEGEP courses are: Mathematics: Calculus I, Calculus II, Probability & Statistics, Linear Algebra & Geometry Vector, Physics: mechanical, electrical and magnetism, wave lengths, Chemistry: solution, organic I & II, basic or advanced French and English review of grammar or sentence structure.